Smart Fence

Smart Fence


Smart Fence is edge protection fence panel that can be quickly and easily installed / uninstalled, if necessary, in several combinations: -In horizontal row with height of 42" (single fence); -In horizontal row with height of 84"(double fence); -In horizontal row with height 91" (single fence), or within a series of a horizontal-vertical-horizontal combinations. Between the floor and the upper surface, the fence is secured by using Smart Post, which installs on the fence (horizontal or vertical) as an integral part of it, or connecting with some of the vertical support of our program. Over the fence can be installed chicken wire panels with density of 1/8 "and larger in as debris protection.

  • Weight: 39.2 lb (17.8 kg)
  • 43.8 lb (19.9 kg) with Chickenwire

  • Dimensions: 42" x 91 "x 1.5"
  •  (1.07 m x 2.31 m X 38 mm)

  • Toe Board: 5.6" (142 mm)
  • Steel tubing: 1'' (2.54 cm)
  • Hot Dip Galvanized